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Speech of Mr. Faculty Dean

Praise to Allah lord of the worlds, prayers and peace be upon his messenger, Prophet Muhammad and his households to the Day of Resurrection One of the miracles of our Holy prophet is the Holy Quran " Those who disbelieve ,  ......Read more

About  the  College

The college was founded in 2008 to fulfill the needs of the community by spreading the thoughts and principals of Islam. The college tries to be a free platform that deals scientifically in teaching and serving the main objective of the college which is the holly Quran. Since the Quran is the constitution of the nation, the college tries to clarify everything to people. .

The college has two departments ( department of Quran language and department of Quran sciences). First department deals with grammar, rhetoric and other sciences adopted by Islam. On the other hand, the second department deals with everything connected with Quran like Hadith, beliefs and . However, the two departments stood together to create a well prepared generation able to serve the community.

College branches:

The College of Quranic Studiesis divided into two branchs:

  • 1- Quran Sciences
  • 2- Quran Language