College Vision

To make the college a big university deals with Quran studying and spread the knowledge of Quran in the community and also be a reference for Muslims.

College values

1.Maintaining the sacredness of the holly Quran, status and defending it academically.

2.Encouraging scientific excellence and creativity in all Quranic researches. Also, develop a love for knowledge and know the recent method of teaching.

3.Connecting students with the cultural heritage came from Islam and honoring its edifice ' the holly Quran'.

4.Providing schools with well qualified cadres.

5.Providing the latest technologies in the educational process

College mision

Spreading Quranic awareness and connecting the community with Quran. Dealing with Quran as the constitution which organizes the life of the community and raise it to be sophisticated intellectually and culturally. Furthermore, the college seeks to spread the moral, cultural and social values in the current and future generations and perusing the ends mentioned in the Holly Quran